Super Comboman is a 2D side-scrolling physics based beat-em-up game that marries the best of games like Super Smash Brothers, Final Fight, and Marvel vs. Capcom into one action packed adventure!

My primary role in this project was the Game Programmer.
But, I also filled the shoes of…

  • Technical Artist
  • Designer
  • Level Builder

SCM was developed in the Unity engine and programmed in C#. In addition with some Visual C# used for art pipeline tools, and CG used for shaders.

Some of the notable things I’ve contributed to the project are…

  • All of the programming, from scratch (aside from the general structure of the unity engine)
  • 2D Art and Animation Pipeline, built from the ground up and optimized for fixed-hardware mobile devices
  • Custom Tools for both the art pipeline and Unity Editor to tailor to artists, animators, and designers
  • Sticker border shaders that allow the borders around characters to change in size, color, and roughness during run-time

Game Programmer

Interabang Entertainment

August 22, 2017

Released Title