Phased is an ongoing game project I have been working on by myself for about 6 months time. You can play the flash version of it here.

The flash version has a lighting pipeline I developed using Adobe PixelBender, which allowed me to write a shader for flash that converts normal map sprites into light maps. Try clicking the buttons in the top left of the flash game to see each layer of the process!

The color and normal map sprites were created in 3D studio max by rendering 3D models to 2D sprites.

Phased is a game that is all about using mirrors to bounce a laser beam around a circuit-board level. You must connect the laser to its destination point to win the game. But, the beam must match the destination's phase (represented by the color), so you must make use of Filters that alter the laser's phase. As the beam bounces, it diminishes in strength, so Lenses that boost the beam's power must also be used.

I am currently developing this project in the unity engine for an eventual release on iOS, PC, MAC, and Web platforms.



Flash Game Prototype