Unreal Destruction is a system I created in UDK using Unreal Script.
This was done in my spare time and took about 1 month from start to what you see in the video.

All code was written from scratch, aside from using some unreal base classes such as kActor and Object.

Highlighting Features:

  • Blueprint driven so instances of destructibles all reference to one source allowing for quick iteration times where the changes propagate across the entire project’s levels
  • Physics based leading to a large variety in destruction behavior
  • Network replicated allowing destruction to be gameplay relevant in multiplayer
  • Part and State based system makes even the most complex of destructibles possible while keeping the blueprint organized and efficient
  • Capable of being used as parts of the environment allowing for interesting possibilities relevant to gameplay, such as using destruction to alter the paths and spaces in a level

Code samples available upon request.



UE3/UDK Prototype