Destiny 2: Forsaken

My work on Destiny 2: Forsaken involved developing the destination The Tangled Shore and helping to create the new Scorn combatant race. In addition working with Bungie’s core investment team to implement open world content.

As a Lead Technical Designer I helped to:
– Develop and maintain scripting and design content workflows for missions, open world adventures, and investment content
– Spearhead and staff a technical design team for the studio
– Work with mechanics design team to prototype and develop the new Scorn combatant race
– With the guidance of Bungie’s investment team implemented investment content for the Tangled Shore destination and Scorn combatants
– Worked with engineering staff to implement new gameplay systems in C++ to facilitate needs of designed prototypes

Lead Technical Designer

High Moon Studios and Bungie

September 4, 2018

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